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Customer Reviews

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Susie Schober
I LOVE BDY Faja Shorts!

I have ordered almost every faja BDY has offered and one of my favorites are the BDY Faja Shorts. They are perfect underneath stretchy pants and make your bottom look amazing. My boyfriend loves them too! I can't wait to get them in more colors/patterns as they are offered. Oh and the matching bralette is so cute!

Leah Kim
Best fajas

This was my second BDY faja and my all time favorite! The hooks are unreal - I’ve had hooks pop off on other fajas but the BDY faja hooks are stronger than Superman. I really wish I could buy every color cause they’re all sooo cute too

Stronger than Superman !! Yes, they are very strong because I know we put our fajas through a lot during recovery . Thank you for the review!

Connie Chen
Amazing quality, I wish I got regular faja!

I absolutely love this product. The quality is so amazing. But for my height and short torso, I believe I would be more comfortable in a regular faja! I’m 5’2” so my shorts set don’t fit as well as the models and it cinches up a little too high so I can’t wear this comfortably all day but that’s my fault for not getting a regular one! I do wear it for several hours at a time and it’s very nice and tight unlike other fajas in the spots like low back and low tummy. Great compression and I love the customer service as well as the alterations too.

Thank you so much for your review, Connie :) The full Stage 2/3 faja works really well with short torsos and can be shortened even more through alterations. Would love to see you in one of those in the near future, too :)

Incredible Quality

The quality of this faja is really unmatched. I recently lost 140lbs after bariatric surgery, and I’ve been using fajas throughout my entire weight loss journey. I wear my fajas about 8-10 hrs a day since the compression helps me feel comfortable in the areas where all my skin didn’t quite snap back. I was looking for some shorts to wear at home while working remotely, and these were it! I love how the faja snatched me up at the waist immediately! After I broke it in, I’ve been able to comfortably wear it daily 7-8hrs daily. I don’t usually wear the bralette, but when I tried it on, it was comfortable, I do wish that there was more compression in the lower tummy area and that the shorts were a little longer since they roll up at times, and I need a lot of coverage in my thighs due to loose skin. I know that not everyone needs the same amount of coverage, but Diana, I’d love to see this knee length. I would buy immediately!!!! I also love the assistance with the sizing, I was recommended to buy a medium and I am glad I did, because it was perfect. I love that this faja can be used before and after plastic surgery, going to be using your brand after my TT & BBL procedure. Thank you for making these Diana!
(For reference, I am 5’4 and 135lbs, waist 30, hips 43)

Wow!! You look amazing! Congratulations on your journey! Thank you for this amazing review. We love hearing all your feedback so we know how to make it even better in the future.

Perfect fit

Fits perfectly and comfortable, definitely snatched me at just the second hook. I would definitely order another one.

So glad you love it!!