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I purposely waited to write this review. I’ve had this faja for about 5 weeks now. I got the XL - my hips are 50” and waist is 29” though I’m striving for 27”. When I first started wearing it I was 5 weeks post op and my waist was at a 34”!!!! I first thought I wouldn’t be able to get in. My husband had to help me who by the way LOVES me in this faja. I wear the faja daily and recently started to no longer wear it to bed. I have to say from the order process, to the customer service along the way, to the product itself everything was EX-CE-LLENT!! This faja is literally amazing and you will quickly realize how Diana thought of every little detail and provided a solution for it. Really great start-up brand and I can’t wait to see the brand grow. I will be here to support even after I am done recovering because this is some high class shapewear. Skims who!

Best faja I have purchased

I started this journey with Amazon faja’s before someone introduced me to BDY Faja by the faja doctor. My first procedure was lipo 360. Before my Faja BDY my waist was 32 after wearing it for approx 3 months I’m down to 28. I owe all the praise to the creator of this garment. I didn’t even need alterations with this garment. I used my waist and hip size to pick the suggested size and purchased that size. It’s like she knew exactly what parts of my body needed the most attention. Iykyk. I am more than pleased with my purchase.

Susana Wu
Love love!

Highly recommend this faja to all my friends! I have been wearing my faja for over a year and still feel the compression in the right spots, I can see a difference in my waist when I don’t wear it (wais looks bigger). The Faja Dr will even help you find your right measurement and adjust to your needs. I needed my torso shortened, I wanted it shorter, but she suggested a little bit longer and she was 100% correct. You will receive and amazing product and the best advice for the perfect fit! Will save up to purchase another one soon!

Alisha Luna
Too small 😩

I ordered this Faja based on the sizing recommendation however, it is still too snug. I did the recommended wash in dilute water with fabric softener however it’s still too tight in the groin area. I think I should have gone with my instincts and sized up bc I did not get a BBL but I am short 5’1 with large thighs and the garment literally cuts into my skin. I’m a little bummed bc I paid over $330 for a size XS faja that may never fit, however I’m hoping that it’s just an issue with being too swollen and waiting for the new releases to come out to get a new size. My only complaint is that the bra that comes with the XS is too tight for my **** (I had breast lift with implants) and wish there was an option for smaller sizing with larger included bras.
Despite MY experience I can tell you that the garment is Extremely Well made and great quality! I had to order from a different brand since the new drop hasn’t hit yet, and I can SEE and Feel the difference the moment I put it on. Does it suck to lose out on $300+ dollars …ABSOLUTELY, but I’d rather order another one of Her Fajas from the new drop than waste the $30K I spent on my body!!

Alisha ♥️ Thank you so much for your honest yet still amazing review. But don’t feel like you wasted the money. You can just send it to us and we will make the legs bigger for you That is a non-issue. That way you can start wearing the garment and it’s not wasted. Please feel free to shoot me an email directly and we can come up with a game plan. We’ll be happy to offer you the alteration free of charge for taking so much time and effort to review us My direct email

Lauren Washington
YES! You neeeeed one!

I bought this 6 weeks after my fleur de lis tummy tuck and it was a GAME CHANGER! It absolutely gave me the support and comfort I needed but what I wasn’t expecting was the CONFIDENCE it gave me! She has made it so so easy to know exactly what to order, how to wear it, and anything else you need to know! BUY IT! You will NOT regret it!