BDY Black Mamba | High Compression Stage 2 Faja – BDY by The Faja Doctor

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Shanieka (Akron, US)
Good faja but…

Overall, I love the Faja I like the amount of rows it has to give you compression. I like that it offers so many different levels or stages of compression! I love the material of the Faja. I do wish that the straps that go over the arm had like a little hook or area to go into so that they’re not just hanging loosely. I like the piece that goes in the middle that stops it from rolling down, but based off of the measurements on the website, it told me to get a small my thighs are a little bigger so I have an issue with it rolling up so I do not like that. Other than that I would’ve gave the five stars. I didn’t like the sports bra that came with it, It offered a little to no support and although I ordered a small Faja, my breast are not measuring at a small, so it was not very accommodating for me. I wish they would ask what size of shipping you a default size.

Hey Shanieka! It sounds like you need to have your legs expanded through alterations. Feel free to take advantage of your 50% off alterations at ❤️

Cherry (Louisville, US)
Worth it!

When I tell you look no further, I mean it! In the beginning I had bought so many other brand fajas that were instant garbage…. Diana aka the Faja Doctor turned my garbage into gold with her faja alteration service. A true saving grace during the early stages of my recovery! And just like that I was hooked! I knew she knew the struggle & was here to help! Without hesitation, I pounced on the opportunity to purchase the beautiful Black Mamba faja!! Words can’t describe the relief I felt when I received it & put it on for the 1st time! My search for solid, high quality & made to last faja came to an end & I could finally relax & recover in peace knowing that I’m properly being compressed & snatched. That’s a BIG deal! Because the last thing you want or need is to literally be out your faja or in one that does next to nothing early on! So, my advice? Invest into yourself & your results by getting a BDY faja! The sooner the better! You won’t regret it! My only issue is the same as everyone else who’s mentioned the straps. I recognize the the thought and effort put into them (I appreciate) but there’s room for improvement. My suggestion is a set of some type of attachable wrap around cushiony padding with Velcro to close over the shoulder straps. I’ve tried pads, socks & shoulder pads & nothing has enough cushion to keep from digging in. Small price to pay for all the better features the rest of the Faja has to offer. Otherwise it’s still a top tier garment! Plus you feel more confident with the pattern/color selections to choose from. Thank you BDY for providing us with quality! I look forward to seeing what you give us next! - A very happy customer

Tiffany Bivens (Mooresville, US)

This was my first BDY FAJA purchase and it was CERTAINLY worth every cent! The padding for the shoulders is TOP TIER & allows for all day wear. It gives compression in all the right areas and feels so good on. The fact that they offer a discount to further customize these Fajas is absolutely incredible. But the faja, you won't regret this purchase.

Keawana Rider (Omaha, US)
Absolutely amazing!!

I cannot thank yall enough for making these Fajas! They fit PERFECTLY and are incredibly ****..wearing them makes me feel even better! I can’t wait to get more colors in the future 🤗 thank you for making such a PERFECT garment!!!

Renee (Queens, US)
**** & Snatched ⌛️

This is the 2nd BDY faja I've ordered from The Faja Doctor. They are all I will ever wear! You never disappoint! Ordered medium, fit perfectly. Used extender for a few days. **** and snatched! Can't wait to order next style!!!!